What’s going on with China and the Uyghurs?

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Disclaimer! This is my own research as of 27th November 2019. You will see a lot of users trying to discredit the below numbers — fine, all of us have a voice. But remember I’m just one guy against a propaganda machine. Read the sources, make your own mind, if I made a mistake please write to me and I will correct it. It is though to get hard data but think about what would it take for you to believe? Will it take pictures of dead bodies piled on top of each other? Or satellite footage of chimney stacks spewing the smoky remains of gassed people? Just a reminder: [Nazi propaganda pre and during WWII against the Holocaust]

2020 documentary by PBS about the concentration camps in China

China leaked documents [“No Mercy”] and [Additional official documents]

may be the model answer for how to respond to students who ask of their detained relatives, “Did they commit a crime?” The document instructed officials to acknowledge that they had not. “It is just that their thinking has been infected by unhealthy thoughts,” the script said. “Freedom is only possible when this ‘virus’ in their thinking is eradicated and they are in good health.”

Mr. Chen ( new party boss in Xinjiang)issued a sweeping order: “Round up everyone who should be rounded up.” The vague phrase appears repeatedly in internal documents from 2017.

Destroying documents about the concentration camps [Source] (it is very similar to theNazi program to destroy every information about the holocaust)

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Some eight hundred thousand to two million Uighurs and other Muslims, including ethnic Kazakhs and Uzbeks, have been detained since April 2017, according to experts and government officials [Testimony of Deputy Assistant Secretary Scott Busby on this]Another source cites: [1.5 million]. Uyghurs are rounded up in concentration camps. They were legalized by the Chinese govt. at [the end of 2018 as “re-education camps”]

True Pictures and videos from inside the Concentration camps

[Leaked footage of a large number of blindfolded Uyghurs shackled together]

[More than 350 Uighurs scientists and intellectuals are disappeared]

Our passports were collected, we were told to spy on each other, innocent Uyghur prisoners were killed for organ harvesting”

China is using minorities & political prisoners as [free organ farms]. [Newest report on organ harvesting].

Genocide through forced abortions of Uyghur women and Sexual torture of Uyghur women such as rape & rubbing intimate parts with chili paste. [Source]

After the Urumqi riots in 2009, which analysts say triggered the harsh security measures now in place across Xinjiang, Islamic studies student Ruqiye Perhat was held in various prisons for four years. There, the Uighur woman says, she was repeatedly raped by Han Chinese guards, resulting in two pregnancies. “Any woman or man under age 35 was raped and sexually abused,” she said through an interpreter from Turkey, where she now lives. Both pregnancies were forcibly aborted while she was in prison, said Ms Perhat, who is now 30.[Source]

“There were so many things to recite, and if you couldn’t recite them, they wouldn’t allow you to eat, sleep or sit,” he said. “They brainwash you; you must become like a robot. Listen to whatever the party says, listen to the party’s words, follow the party.” — Omir Bekali, an ethnic Kazakh who was working in a tourism company in Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital [Brainwashing]

[Manga ]depicting the tortures on Uyghurs similar to the comic “Maus”

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user /u/PoppinKream posted a good comment on reddit about A teacher that escaped a Xinjiang concentration camp and found asylum in Sweden details her horrific experiences of [rape, torture, and human experiments]

Content Warning [1]

Twenty prisoners live in one small room. They are handcuffed, their heads shaved, every move is monitored by ceiling cameras. A bucket in the corner of the room is their toilet. The daily routine begins at 6 A.M. They are learning Chinese, memorizing propaganda songs and confessing to invented sins. They range in age from teenagers to elderly. Their meals are meager: cloudy soup and a slice of bread.

Torture — metal nails, fingernails pulled out, electric shocks — takes place in the “black room.” Punishment is a constant. The prisoners are forced to take pills and get injections. It’s for disease prevention, the staff tell them, but in reality they are the human subjects of medical experiments. Many of the inmates suffer from cognitive decline. Some of the men become sterile. Women are routinely raped.

…Sauytbay had to teach the prisoners — who were Uyghur or Kazakh speakers — Chinese and Communist Party propaganda songs. She was with them throughout the day. The daily routine began at 6 A.M. Chinese instruction took place after a paltry breakfast, followed by repetition and rote learning. There were specified hours for learning propaganda songs and reciting slogans from posters: “I love China,” “Thank you to the Communist Party,” “I am Chinese” and “I love Xi Jinping” — China’s president.

The afternoon and evening hours were devoted to confessions of crimes and moral offenses. “Between 4 and 6 P.M. the pupils had to think about their sins. Almost everything could be considered a sin, from observing religious practices and not knowing the Chinese language or culture, to immoral behavior. Inmates who did not think of sins that were severe enough or didn’t make up something were punished.”

After supper, they would continue dealing with their sins. “When the pupils finished eating they were required to stand facing the wall with their hands raised and think about their crimes again. At 10 o’clock, they had two hours for writing down their sins and handing in the pages to those in charge. The daily routine actually went on until midnight, and sometimes the prisoners were assigned guard duty at night. The others could sleep from midnight until six.”

…The camp’s commanders set aside a room for torture, Sauytbay relates, which the inmates dubbed the “black room” because it was forbidden to talk about it explicitly. “There were all kinds of tortures there. Some prisoners were hung on the wall and beaten with electrified truncheons. There were prisoners who were made to sit on a chair of nails. I saw people return from that room covered in blood. Some came back without fingernails.”

…“I will give you an example. There was an old woman in the camp who had been a shepherd before she was arrested. She was taken to the camp because she was accused of speaking with someone from abroad by phone. This was a woman who not only did not have a phone, she didn’t even know how to use one. On the page of sins the inmates were forced to fill out, she wrote that the call she had been accused of making never took place. In response she was immediately punished. I saw her when she returned. She was covered with blood, she had no fingernails and her skin was flayed.”

…The fate of the women in the camp was particularly harsh, Sauytbay notes: “On an everyday basis the policemen took the pretty girls with them, and they didn’t come back to the rooms all night. The police had unlimited power. They could take whoever they wanted. There were also cases of gang rape. In one of the classes I taught, one of those victims entered half an hour after the start of the lesson. The police ordered her to sit down, but she just couldn’t do it, so they took her to the black room for punishment.”

Tears stream down Sauytbay’s face when she tells the grimmest story from her time in the camp. “One day, the police told us they were going to check to see whether our reeducation was succeeding, whether we were developing properly. They took 200 inmates outside, men and women, and told one of the women to confess her sins. She stood before us and declared that she had been a bad person, but now that she had learned Chinese she had become a better person. When she was done speaking, the policemen ordered her to disrobe and simply raped her one after the other, in front of everyone. While they were raping her they checked to see how we were reacting. People who turned their head or closed their eyes, and those who looked angry or shocked, were taken away and we never saw them again. It was awful. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness, of not being able to help her. After that happened, it was hard for me to sleep at night.”

Uyghurs are forced to install [spyware]

Muslims worldwide have been flocking to a mobile file-sharing application called Zapya, developed by a Beijing-based startup that encourages users to download the Quran and share religious teachings with loved ones.

The app, developed by DewMobile Inc., allows smartphone users to send videos, photos and other files directly from one smartphone to another without being connected to the web, making it popular in areas where internet service is poor or nonexistent.

A leak of highly classified Chinese government documents, the China Cables, now reveal that since at least July 2016, Chinese authorities have been targeting users of the Zapya app[Source]

[Unwanted Chinese] “guests” aka spies monitor Uighur homes 24/7 and [Spies] are sleeping in the same beds with Uighur Muslim women.

[hina’s security services are [pressing members of the country’s Uighur minority abroad] to spy on compatriots when abroad, including in Nato and Western countries]()

Destruction of old Mosques. Around 5000 mosques were destroyed [in 3 months]. They are also destroying Muslim graveyards and replacing them with [carparks]

A Uyghur’s testimony about the cultural obliteration: “First, children were stopped from learning about the Quran, then from going to mosques. It was followed by [bans on ramadan], growing beards, giving Islamic names to your baby, etc. Then our language was attacked — we didn’t get jobs if we didn’t know Mandarin.

China has also pressured other governments to repatriate Uighurs who have [fled China] In 2015, for example, Thailand returned more than one hundred Uighurs, and Egypt deported several students in 2017. Chinese Uighurs living abroad fear they will be deported and sent to the camps.

On the International arena, prioritizing their economic ties and strategic relationships with China, many governments have ignored the human rights abuses. In July 2019, after a group of mostly European countries — and no Muslim-majority countries — signed a letter to the UN human rights chief condemning China’s actions in Xinjiang, more than three dozen states, including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, signed their own letter praising China’s “remarkable achievements” in human rights and its “counterterrorism” efforts in Xinjiang.

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Source https://www.economist.com/china/2019/07/27/chinese-actions-in-xinjiang-become-a-matter-of-international-dispute


‘Afraid We Will Become The Next Xinjiang’, China is moving beyond Uyghur and is cracking down on its model minority [Hui Muslim]. “The same restrictions that preceded the Xinjiang crackdown on Uighur Muslims are now appearing in Hui-dominated regions. Hui mosques have been forcibly renovated or shuttered, schools demolished, and religious community leaders imprisoned. Hui who have traveled internationally are increasingly detained or sent to reeducation facilities in Xinjiang.”

China Must Answer for Cultural Genocide in Court. A good article about [this]

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Call me what you want, pessimist, realist, Stoic, but at least look at the facts

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