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The future is grim

A 30 minutes presentation about why everything must collapse.

Let’s get to it.

Intro, some stats.

Graph showing Carbon emissions per continent. Look at the explosion in Asia
The climate action tracker shows we will reach a 3.5C with the current policies by 2050

Biomass and 6th extinction


The steep curve of population



Scarcity of freshwater

Water stress in the US. Dec. 2019


  1. Lyme disease: A recent CDC report found that the number of cases of illnesses transmitted by ticks more than doubled between 2004 and 2016 in the US; the greatest jump was seen in cases of Lyme disease. Researchers identified warming temperatures and shorter winters as one of the reasons. Also, the change in the weather allowed ticks to invade areas that had previously been too cold for them to live.
  2. West Nile virus: Temperatures soared this past summer in Europe. At the same time, there was a sharp spike in West Nile virus infection — with more than 400 cases reported. Health experts believe the two are connected. The disease is spread by mosquitoes that have fed on infected birds, and warmer temperatures have helped to start the transmission season early.
  3. Malaria: In Ethiopia and Colombia, scientists observed that malaria’s range shifted to warmer areas between 1990 to 2005. In part because the transmitting mosquito thrives in the heat. But also, because the parasite that causes malaria reproduces faster inside the vector mosquito when the weather is warmer.
  4. Flesh-Eating Bacteria: It’s not just humans who enjoy a nice swim in the ocean when the weather is hot. Flesh-eating bacteria called vibriosis flourish in warm seawater. As temperatures climb and sea levels rise, they increase in number and can infect people through open wounds or by contaminating popular seafood like oysters. (Source)


Permafrost and Methane.

Topsoil erosion

The Blue Ocean event

The ice sheet feedback loop

Wet-bulb event

Ocean Acidification

Financial Black Swan event


The super-rich

Meeting of multiple oil corp representatives at the American Petroleum Institute in February 1980. A link to the full meeting minutes
Peak Greenwashing


Why going green is not the (only) solution.

Why tree-loss prevention is more important than planting them.

Forest fires on the 28th of Dec. 2019

Peak Copper

Peak sand?

(Credit: Getty Images)

And lastly —What are feedback loops? and why we can’t stop them.

World Economic Forum 2020 — http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Global_Risk_Report_2020.pdf

Why does nobody talk about collapse?




Do what you want with this information

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