Russian government and Putin’s deeds

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Alexei Druzhinin/ AP

Another Reddit post that I was asked to put in article view.

Below I will try to present a topic that I find very interesting and very controversial.

Here‘s the timeline of all Russian deeds and abuses:






  • Invasion of Georgia. Russia has been slowly taking land from neighboring Georgia for years, and Moscow appears to have done it again in early July, moving its borders about 2,300 feet into the former satellite state. A short 2 minutes video by Jeremy Clarkson on this subject.






  • Penetration of U.S. nuclear plant command




  • Imran Aliev, a 44-year-old blogger who was vocally opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, died when his throat was cut in Lille, France, last week. “the killing has the hallmarks of the Russian hit squad causing chaos in Europe”

Other and ongoing


International relations and medling

Foundations of Geopolitics — book from 1997 by Aleksandr Dugin.

- Germany should be offered political dominance over Central Europe.

- France should be encouraged to form a “Franco-German bloc”

- The UK should be cut off from Europe

- Finland should be absorbed into Russia

- Ukraine should be annexed by Russia because Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning

- Poland should be granted a “slave status”

- Russian-Islamic alliance Russia–Syria–Iran–Iraq coalition

- Iran is a key ally. Weapons deals

- Georgia should be dismantled

- Create “geopolitical shocks” within Turkey destroying US ties Buying russian missiles

- China “must, to the maximum degree possible, be dismantled”

- In the US, Russia should use its special services within the borders of the US to fuel instability and separatism BLM, Trump, Alt-right, Unite the right event, America-First Russian document about it


- Human rights watch 2016, 2017 and 2018

Call me what you want, pessimist, realist, Stoic, but at least look at the facts

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