How Law and Justice destroyed Poland, democracy and the rule of law

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AFP 2019 / Wojtek Radwanski


PiS changes electoral rules in an unconstitutional move. Presidential “elections” 2020 are the Biggest legal blunder of the year

Destruction of the rule of law.

Constitutional Tribunal changes

Supreme Court changes

Ordinary court judges

Disciplinary measures for judges

National Council of the judiciary takeover

Restructuring the courts

Muzzle bill

One of the worse Covid19 laws in EU.

Political scandals

Illegal pardon

Merging the General Prosecutor with the Minister of Justice

The Ministry of Justice and Ziobro is paying trolls to destroy judges

Destroying the military

Taking over the state media

LBGT-free zones and Xenophobia.

Destroying education and HealthCare.

No one cares for the environment.

Nepotism and colleagues in state-owned companies

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Glapinski and his 2 “angels”

The “so cruel” Ex-communists are in fact PIS members

Illegal budget for 2017

Ex-communists in PIS ranks. And PIS is very anti-left and anti-PRL.

Funding the Catholic church with public money

Smolensk commission

The welfare revolution

Funding propaganda and trolls


Call me what you want, pessimist, realist, Stoic, but at least look at the facts

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